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How do I add a link?

In edit mode, choose HTML instead of Visual, then copy and paste this code:

a href= “url”>Your Title</a Place this code in between these symbols <>

So it looks like this:

hrefhttpurlpic<a href=””>Your Title</a>

Your link will look like this in your blog: Your Title

Replace the              with your link.

Replace           Your Title             with the text you want displayed.

Pictures for Projects

Where can I find pictures for my projects?

Check out these sites; refer to copyright information at the site.

Search Creative Commons

Springfield Township High School Links to Images


Creative Commons for VoiceThread Flickr Group

Digital Images

Wikimedia Commons

Free Images

Torley’s Flickr collection of textures

Flikr Spell

Compfight Be sure that you have chosen “Creative Commons Only”

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