Need an idea to start blogging?


Note: Remember that you may draft your writing on our wiki, in Google Docs,  OWN (Online Writing Notebook), or your writing journal so you can obtain feedback and collaborate with peers.

Remember to edit your writing for capitals, spelling, paragraphing, and punctuation.

Remember: Always be overly kind and positive when commenting or sharing your opinion.

Current Learning or Events

Part of our writing class includes current events reading so we “learn stuff.” What have we read in writing class? What did you research? What is your opinion? What is important to share? What do you want to know from your readers about this topic?

Read Tween Tribune for more kid news.

Find other blogs in the sidebar of our class blogs. Discover the current ideas in their posts. Read other people’s blogs for ideas and to develop new ideas on your own. Use your OWN Online Writing Notebook [ Learn about OWN here ]or your journal to write your ideas so you don’t lose those special ideas you considered from others’ blogs. If you get an ideas from another blogger, be sure to comment on that post with a link to your blog post expanding on their ideas. Read more at Blog Conversations.

Writing Prompts

Other writing prompt sites: Writing Prompts

Inside Writing

Team Writing: News, Views, and You

Responding to a Quote Guidelines:

Choose a famous quote to discuss in your blog post. Example: BrainyQuote

Title: Ask a question; Use Alliteration; “Like a ______”

Paragraph 1: Grab the reader’s attention with a question or fact. Write the quote within quotation marks. Write what the quote means in your own words.

Paragraph 2: Give an example of what the quote means to you by explaining an experience you (or someone you know or heard about) has had.

Paragraph 3: Tell how your experience connects to the quote. End with a question to the reader or author.

Source: (Blue Write Source, pages 274-276)

1000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words, but pictures tell stories that we imagine when we see them.

Look at pictures and consider the story behind the picture: -what happened before? -what happened in the picture? -what happened after? Wrap the story with powerful words and imagery to share in your post with a link to the image. Embed the image only if you have  the rights [ Public Domain or Creative Commons license ].

Look at pictures and consider your opinion — what do you think? Write your post with a link to the image. Embed the image only if you have  the rights [ Public Domain or Creative Commons license ].


Where to find fascinating pictures?


The Bing Search page [don’t search, just use the images]

Other Resources:

Wiki Directions and Templates:

Respond to a Quote

Blog Quote and/or Comment Template


Writing Prompts and Ideas (OWN)

Writing Prompts


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