Digital Citizenship

Welcome Student Blogs 15

    Welcome Bloggers! Take a look at your new blog!  It’s ready for you to personalize! What does that mean? Take a look at these student blogs. Here are examples of real student blogs to check out for ideas: Jarrod’s Aweome Blog – 10 years old Heather’s Perfect Posts Meaow @ Josie’s Blog Mirian’s Magical […]

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A New School Year

We’ve settled in, but still testing, with new laptops for grade eight. We’ve got writers ready to write, and lots to learn. At left is a wordle by a student two years ago who wanted to express her thanks for our school district’s emphasis on technology, at least in the language arts classroom. With laptops […]

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Internet Safety: 4 Tips if Cyberbullied

What happens if you are cyberbullied? What should you do? Cyberbullying is when someone contacts you online or includes online content about you that is mean, threatening, or hurtful.  Always tell a trusted adult.1. Ignore it. Don’t respond. 2. Save the evidence (text message, IM, Facebook page, etc.). Take a screenshot, if possible. 3. Tell […]

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