Welcome Student Blogs 15




Welcome Bloggers!

Take a look at your new blog!  It’s ready for you to personalize!

What does that mean?

Take a look at these student blogs.

Here are examples of real student blogs to check out for ideas:

  1. Jarrod’s Aweome Blog – 10 years old
  2. Heather’s Perfect Posts
  3. Meaow @ Josie’s Blog
  4. Mirian’s Magical Moments
  5. Breana P ePortofio
  6. Come Somersault with Sarah
  7. Austicandproud – 13 years old
  8. Avogadro Salad – High school chemistry blog
  9. Youinnorway – 18 year old from Norway

Take note on what you like about them:

  • theme
  • sidebar
  • widgets
  • header
  • posts [content]

What would you like yours to look like?

Before you get started, do two things:

1) Read the Welcome, We Are All Learners, and Rules in the sidebar. Write a comment to this post that states you agree to these, and explain the part you think is most important and why.

2) In your journal, write a list of possible posts you might write– things about which you are interested.


Starting Your Blog

Getting Started

Getting Plugins


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